Accuracy-based troubleshooting in a clinical setting

CLIENTS: Major laboratories throughout North America


Large clinical laboratories often approach us when they run into unexpected shifts in their test results that are difficult to explain. It may be due to the instrument, the reagent lot, the calibrator, or other factors. Whatever the source of the error, they need to identify it as quickly as possible and correct it. The challenge, however, is that IQC materials used to monitor day-to-day performance are non-commutable and have known matrix effects that invalidate their use for checking the accuracy of laboratory testing systems.


Using our accuracy-based samples, we have helped clients pinpoint problems and make the necessary adjustments. Because CEQAL samples are 100% human serum and free of preservatives and stabilizers, they are free of the matrix issues associated with mass-produced IQC materials. Moreover, each covers the clinical range of interest and has a target value assigned by a credentialed reference method or another means of verification. This provides laboratories with a ‘true measure of quality’ and an efficient and effective way to troubleshoot testing variability independent of the manufacturer.


“CEQAL is a valued partner in providing accuracy-based programs to help us ensure the highest level of quality within our testing systems. When it comes to their knowledge and expertise, they are truly in a class of their own.”