Ensure the right course of action

The countless tests performed daily in medical labs around the world have a direct influence on clinical decision-making. In fact, they are often the basis on which a diagnosis is made, activating a chain reaction of further intervention that ultimately influences patient outcome and the price tag that comes with it.

For this reason, it is critical that laboratory tests are not just precise but also accurate. CEQAL offers a variety of accuracy-based programs designed to go well beyond routine proficiency testing, or precision monitoring, to evaluate the ‘trueness’ of your test results. With accurate results, physicians are better enabled to make the right decisions and patients can feel confident they are getting the right care. To learn more about accuracy versus precision, see our resources page.

External Quality Assessment

Use CEQAL’s samples in an External Quality Assessment program to check the accuracy of testing provided by all of the laboratories within your network. EQA samples can also be used to evaluate precision, linearity and accuracy of testing at each laboratory site and document performance for purposes of accreditation.

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CDC Certificates of Traceability for Total Cholesterol

Obtain formal documentation from the CDC and CEQAL confirming the accuracy of your test results for Total Cholesterol. These certificates provide you and your clients with objective third-party evidence that your testing methods are traceable to an internationally defined base of reference. Visit the CDC online to learn more about the Clinical Laboratory Certification Program. Or download the list of US or International laboratories certified for total cholesterol.

Accuracy-based Internal Quality Control

Monitor day-to-day performance using CEQAL’s commutable accuracy-based human serum IQC samples. Know with confidence that your method is producing results that remain accurate over time and are anchored to a constant base of reference that is independent of the manufacturer.

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National Standardization Programs

Some tests – such as Total & LDL Cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1c, and Creatinine for the eGFR calculation, – are critical for medical decision-making. At a national level these tests should be standardized for uniformity of medical decision-making and cost-effectiveness of healthcare spending. With our clinical expertise, R+D experience and accuracy-based sample sets, we can provide governments and national agencies with standardization programs that realistically achieve these goals. Contact us to learn more.

Specialty contracted research

If your medical or research laboratory has a unique quality control challenge, CEQAL can help. We can work with you to design a program to ensure your testing method is operating correctly and will provide accurate results today and in the future. More specifically, our specialty contracted research programs can serve to minimize analytical variability within and between testing sites; allow test data from multiple sites to be merged with confidence; facilitate the transfer of a testing method from one site to another; or standardize a new test early in its development.