CEQAL's Reference Method Laboratory operates a number of credentialed reference methods as approved by the National Reference System for the Clinical Laboratory (NRSCL) and the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC). These methods underpin the many programs we provide and serve as an invaluable resource for independently assessing the accuracy of our clients’ testing systems. For details on the individual methods, see our samples page.


Most laboratory quality control programs are designed to achieve precision of testing, not accuracy. Although precision is a necessary prerequisite for achieving accuracy, it measures consistency of performance and does not ensure that a given test is correct or ‘on target’. CEQAL’s goal is to help laboratories achieve the accuracy of analysis required to meet clinical guidelines for diagnosis and monitoring treatment. Our human serum samples with target values assigned by credentialed reference methods enable us to do this.

Neither precise nor accurate
Precise but not accurate
Precise and accurate