Bringing lab-accuracy to mobile diabetes screening

CLIENT: Diabetes Integration Project


The client approached us to help them monitor the quality of their mobile diabetes screening program for high risk populations on First Nations Reserves in the province of Manitoba. The challenge was to ensure point-of-care test results would be accurate enough for clinical decision making, despite being administered in a community setting by non-laboratory personnel.


We designed a comprehensive quality assurance solution based on these objectives. First, we recommended an analyzer and evaluated its performance prior to releasing it in the field to ensure it met the manufacturer’s specifications. We then provided a thorough instrument-specific training program for the operators. This gave them the necessary technical skills and a clear understanding of the factors that can contribute to error. The final component was to monitor performance of testing over time using accuracy-based CEQAL samples as a benchmark. This program has been running successfully since 2008 and has recently expanded to include screening for chronic kidney disease. It is viewed as a model for other provinces and organizations wanting to operate lab-quality screening programs in the community.


“CEQAL was instrumental in the development of a Quality Assurance Program to ensure the accuracy and precision of our point-of-care testing. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Caroline Chartrand: Executive Director, Diabetes Integration Project